About Břetislavka

We create a place where you will feel comfortable without having to worry about furnishing a new apartment.


Scandinavian style apartments are inspired by Scandinavian interiors.
Their defining feature is wood, particularly the combination of natural wood and a white-coloured veneer.
This apartment lets you feel relaxed and just like at home, one of the reasons for this being that interior features are mobile.
Unpretentiousness of the interior combined with superb garden views is what makes this apartment what it is.
Metropolitan style apartments are highly presentable and defined by compact furniture whose pleasant dark brown tones are a promise of comfortable living.
A white varnished kitchen aptly complements the living area and a minimalist approach to interior design accentuates the personal space the living unit offers.
Student style apartments are highly practical and so is the furniture they have to offer.
Student living is itself so multi-faceted and colourful that simplistic approach to interior design seems to be more than adequate.
The interior is white, the only exception being the prominently colour kitchen areas which seek to convey a progressive impression.

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