The Czech Republic has many breathtaking lookout points, from where you can enjoy wonderful views. Yes, there are many places in the world like this, you can think. However, the Czech Republic is famous for its castle, chateau, wooden or steel constructions in the form of towers, little towers, views and beautiful lookout towers. There are hundreds of them and we are proud of them. Lookout towers are the Czech phenomenon. We have already introduced to you the lookout towers in Prague. Let’s have a look at those ones within easy reach from Prague.

The View of Posázaví

Jílové u Prahy is just a stone’s throw from Prague and due to that became popular by tourists. Beside the unique Museum of Tramping you can visit gold mines or climb the hill Pepř with the eponymous lookout tower within 2 km south of Prague. Out of this metallic construction, you can admire the southern part of Prague, Brdy hills, the Central Bohemian Uplands and the Konopiste castle.

The “Cold Hill” Lookout Tower (Studený vrch)

The stone tower built in 1940 will impress you by its heptagonal shape. Thanks to its 18-metre height and under good weather conditions and with a bit of luck, you will manage to spot mountains Ještěd or Milešovka. Ještěd is the biggest mountain in Jizera Mountains and Milešovka is the biggest mountain in Central Bohemian Uplands.
The stone tower is located less than 60 km from Břetislavka in a small village Dobříš.

Besedná and “Merry Hill” (Veselý vrch)

Two more lookout constructions tower above Slapy water reservoir. On top of the hill Besedná, there is a 22-metre tall lookout tower named Drtinova which was built in 1926. Since 2015, we can enjoy the view from a new wooden 25-metre tall lookout tower. Not far away, on the top of the “Merry Hill”, there is another steel construction. The lookout tower  “Veselý vrch”(Merry Hill)  is 42-metre tall and under good conditions you will manage to see Alpine ridges or Krkonoše Mountains from there.
Both towers are under 60 km far in a southerly direction from Prague.

The 1st lookout tower in Czechia

In 1893, the 1st lookout tower was built by Czech Tourist Club in our country. The magnificent brick tower Děd with a beautiful battlement will offer you a beautiful view of Křivoklátsko, Central Bohemian Uplands or planes taking off the Vaclav Havel Prague Airport. Beroun is situated within 30 km south-westerly of Prague.

The Lookout Tower Lhotka

5 km away from Beroun, there is a 45-metre tall steel telecommunication cell site east-westerly from Prague. A circle platform is located in a height of 25 metres. Visitors can admire a beautiful view of Bohemian Karst or Křivoklátsko. From up there you can also get a bird’s eye view of Beroun.

Vinice Lookout

30 km eastward From Břetislavka, you can see another steel cell site. Vinice Lookout is 21-metre tall and you can see the Říp Mountain or Bezděz Mountains from there after you reach the circle stairs. There is also a beautiful view of Ještěd the highest mountain peak in Liberec.

rozhledna Děd, Pepř, Studený vrch

When you have a bit of time, let’s make a trip to the surroundings of Hundred-spires Prague, too. Břetislavka Residence Team wish you many lovely experiences while to get to know the Czech countryside and history.