Břetislavka has always been a place to go for those who love great food and drinks. Back in the day, Šárecké Údolí Valley was where sausages used to be roasted and savoured with good beer. A dramatic change occurred two years ago when Břetislavka transformed into a venue characterized by Czech cuisine. Another landmark was January 2019 when the venue started to focus on delicious and healthy food.

Looking for fresh food? You’ve just found it!

Opening a restaurant at Břetislavka was a dream come true for Mr. and Mrs. Calda, the new owners. Interestingly, the couple do not, in fact, refer to the venue as a restaurant, bistro or coffee shop. Instead, they call it a foodpoint. It is conceived as a place serving healthy food with most of the ingredients coming from local farms although some high quality and fresh ingredients such as fruit, which is used to make their delicious signature smoothies, come from abroad. “Our motto is real and fresh food without compromises and for everybody”, the owners emphasize.

For adults and children alike

Armed with tons of experience gained during maternity leave, the owner came up with a concept of a venue serving healthy and fresh food. The place is meant to cater to both adults and children, ensuring (not only) the latter feel as relaxed as possible. The idea was to create a venue to be frequented, among others, by mothers with small children. To that end, the foodpoint features a pram room as well as a play area for children with comfortable armchairs for mothers to relax and sip their coffee. There are a variety of dishes suitable for children of any age. The youngest may enjoy puree made with sweet potatoes and millet grains while older children are welcome to try turkey with roasted sweet potato chips and home-made ketchup.

Home-made lemonade instead of coke

Re.fresh Foodpoint is a venue where “food” means a lot more than a mere word. This is a place where no compromises are made with respect to quality, freshness and healthiness of food. “We’re sorry, but fried cheese hasn’t made it to our menu. In fact, the deep fryer was the thing we got rid of first”, the owners said. Instead, the permanent menu includes such delicacies as vegan re.fresh bowl with rice, roasted chick peas, falafel, avocado, fresh vegetables and cashew mayonnaise, and salad with marinated salmon. The most demanding connoisseurs of tasty dishes are encouraged to order a beefsteak (which is, in fact, meat of a bull calf) complemented by both sauce made with brandy and green pepper and potato confit. In addition to the delicious home-made lemonades, there are a variety of kinds of smoothies for you to choose from.

Břetislavka is an incredibly friendly place regardless of when you visit it. Weather and season permitting, there is also an outside seating area in the garden. What is more, the owners have just revealed their plans to introduce live music sessions to enhance the experience. How does that sound?

The Břetislavka Residence staff wish all our guests and visitors a lovely stay!

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