The Břetislavka Residence team have prepared another cultural tip for you, one which is perfectly suited for hot summer evenings. Come over and sit back comfortably in an amphitheatre under the open sky by Křižík’s Fountain located in the Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha). Initially, what you see is just a calm water surface, but that is soon to be ended by the first musical notes accompanied by hundreds of coloured lights. The result is a stunning show based on romantic as well as dramatic tunes.

One-of-a-kind show

Almost every night, up to 6000 spectators perch themselves around the fountain located in the amphitheatre. They come over to enjoy unique light-and-water shows based on the most beautiful classical as well as popular tunes. In addition, there are original scenic projections one can rejoice at watching. All of this is normally complemented by projection of images, films or laser effects. Křižík’s Fountain offers a large number of shows to satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

126 years of Křižík’s Fountain

Křižík’s electrically lit fountain has been around since 1891 when it was introduced at the General Land Centennial Exhibition. The creation by František Křižík, dubbed “the Czech Edison”, featured fifty coloured reflector bulbs at the bottom of the pool. At present, breathtaking light-and-water shows are facilitated by 1300 multicoloured sources of light.

The Břetislavka Residence team wish you an unforgettable experience under the open sky.