At Břetislavka we always go the extra mile to bring our clients comfort and satisfaction. Whether your stay is medium-term or long-term, there are a number of practical and incredibly helpful services, gadgets and apps you can look forward to. One of these is FlowBox, a smart device that will make your stay at our facility enjoyable and memorable.

FlowBox gives you control over (almost) everything

Your satisfaction is our priority. That is why we have installed FlowBox, a smart device, into each of our apartments. The device boasts a multitude of functions that will make sure that all of your requests and needs are promptly addressed.

FlowBox makes it possible for you to constantly check your water and heating energy consumption. In addition, you can regulate the temperature in your apartment remotely without having to be inside. This means that when you have to leave Břetislavka for a few days, you’re not going to be coming back to a cold uncomfortable apartment. When you know you’re coming back, just grab your smartphone and pre-heat your apartment using MůjByt (MyFlat) application.

We protect your safety and privacy

FlowBox has also been designed to protect your safety and privacy. You will receive a PIN code that will help you to open the entrance door. A special badge will then open the gate of the facility and the garage door. Our access system will lower the parking posts and make it possible for you to enter the Břetislavka residence.

At Břetislavka we aim to provide you with the highest service standards possible as well as assist you with whatever need or request you might have.

Check the following video to get an idea of how the FlowBox system can make your long-term stay in Prague truly exceptional.

Give us an opportunity to make you feel taken good care of. We are closely second, right after home.

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